Live Life, Not Projects

I am deeply suspicious of the very idea of happiness, and its pursuit.


A Conversation with Peter Thiel

Francis Fukuyama talks with the renowned entrepreneur.

Make Social Media Sell – Now

The “social media revolution” is over-hyped nonsense. The real business opportunity is to become more relevant and meaningful to customers in ways that create sales.

Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The Flow of Information through Social Media

Now that we’re seeing Web2.0 go mainstream, we’re seeing all sorts of folks get into the game. What they’re doing often looks different than what early adopters were doing.

Does Culture Eat Strategy for Lunch?

In Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch, Shawn Parr at Fast Company makes an extremely seductive argument. Though he doesn’t mention it, this type of analysis goes back to Alfred Thayer Mahan’s The Influence of Sea Power Upon History. Except that Mahan does not fall into this trap of concluding that culture matters more than strategy.

RSA – The Darwin Economy

Watch Professor Robert Frank as he argues that in the next century Charles Darwin will unseat Adam Smith as the intellectual founder of economics.